Best Energy Saving Hacks For Students!

During the winter months is when you will find your bills may increase. However, here at Bournemouth Student Lettings we are giving you several tips on how to save energy and money this winter.

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Don't leave appliances on standby.

Did you know you could save around £30 a year by fully turning off your appliances instead of leaving them on standby!

If you leave your TV, gaming console, mobile charger and other appliances on standby, they are still switched on. This means you are wasting energy and therefore wasting money.

Switch them off.


Be in control of your heating.

Rather than getting home and whacking the heating up to warm your home quickly. Try to schedule your heating to come on before you get up or come home. This means you can save energy by gradually warming your property, rather than turning it right up to warm it quickly.

Another tip, if you aren't using certain rooms in your property, turn the radiators down in those rooms. There is no point heating rooms that aren't being used. 







Bleed your radiators.

Bleed your radiators regularly. Air can get trapped inside which can make them cooler and in turn, less effective. You can check your radiators by feeling if they have an even temperature across the whole surface. If it has cold patches, it could mean you have air trapped inside and it will need a bleed.

How do I bleed my radiators?

1. Make sure your heating is turned off and your radiators are cool.

2. Place a towel and bowl underneath the valve, for any possible water spillage. Use your radiator key to turn the valve at the top of the radiator, attaching the key to the square groove in the centre of the valve. Slowly turn it anticlockwise, you should hear a hissing noise. This is the trapped air escaping.

3. Once the hissing comes to a stop and only liquid comes out, retighten the valve.

4. Turn your heating back on and check the pressure on the boiler. This is because bleeding your radiators can cause the pressure to drop.



Be smart with the layout of your furniture.

Placing furniture directly in front of radiators can be a waste as your furniture is just absorbing that heat, rather than it being emitted to the rest of the property.

Leave your radiators free from furniture to get the most out of them and saving you money.






Wash your clothes at a lower temperature.

Most laundry detergents are designed to work effectively at 30° and sometimes even lower. Washing your clothes at this lower temperature can help save money. Also, ensure you are washing a full load each time rather than half a load, this can help save electric and water.




Draughts under your doors or windows, let the cold air in and warm air out. If you are having this problem, rolled up blankets work well under your door to keep your room warm.